4 Ways the Omega Cloud Drive Makes Working Outside of the Office a Piece of Cake

4 Ways the Omega Cloud Drive Makes Working Outside of the Office a Piece of Cake

The days of sitting in an office all day are over. More and more workers are finding themselves outside of the traditional 9-to-5, which means they need solutions that enable them to collaborate and access their files and folders whenever, wherever. The Omega Cloud Drive – our business-grade file sync solution, has many features that make working outside the office incredibly easy. Here are four of the many features that clients can use to work from wherever they are:

1. File Server Enablement

If there’s one feature that makes working outside of the office a piece of cake, it’s File Server Enablement. In most cases, clients have to rely on clunky (and spotty) VPN and FTP when accessing their documents outside of the office. This usually creates more frustration than it does productivity. File Server Enablement allows you to cloud-enable your clients’ file server, eliminating the need for them to log in to a VPN or go through an FTP to access their data. By employing File Server Enablement, clients will be able to have access to their files and folders from their smartphones, tablets, and computers, whether it be out in the field or at home after a family dinner.

2. Secure Shares

Having access to critical files and folders is one thing – securely sharing them is another. Here at Omega IT Solutions, we’re fans of the phrase “Not All Data is Created Equal.” This is why we wanted to make sure there was an easy, yet secure way to share the files and folders that are most important to you. Secure Shares give you the ability to require the recipient of whatever you’re sharing (i.e., a medical record, tax document, legal notice) to log in using their credentials before they can access the file or folder. How is this different than a password-protected share? With a password-protected share, anyone can access the file using the password associated with it. With a Secure Share, the recipient can only access it using the credentials unique to them. We’ve seen lawyers really take advantage of this feature while they’re out in the field. They’re able to send and receive confidential documents without fear of them ending up in the wrong place.

3. Selective Sync

Too much sync isn’t always a good thing. When users don’t have the ability to easily choose which files and folders are synced down to their local machine, they soon find it’s at the detriment of their bandwidth, storage, and processing power. Selective Sync gives users the ability to choose which files and folders they need synced down to their local machine, significantly freeing up resources that would’ve been unnecessarily used before.

4. Mobile App

The Omega Cloud Drive isn’t just available on your desktop – the app gives you the ability to take advantage of all of the above features right from your smartphone or tablet. “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is a major technology trend today, and more employers are enabling workers to use their own mobile devices on the job. By being able to use the app, clients can effectively access all of their data without having to have their laptop with them. This has proven to be helpful for clients in various industries, where lugging around a laptop isn’t feasible a lot of the time.

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